VRL - Investments

We are a company that deliver quality space, without concessions. We aim for the possible best outcome. We create a network of person and knowledge. We project in the future with care for whats already there.
Our purpose is to create spaces that enhance the best human qualities. We allies with arquitect, enginheer, crafter to fulfill it. We never cease to explore the possibility of the space that human choose to interact with. We curate our own project, or that of others.


Ren Ito ARQ.

Ren Ito Arq. is architectural design office based in Porto, Portugal.
We treat all type of architecture, including residence, hotel, restaurant, medical clinic, school.

Empatobra LDA construção

Empresa de construção civil. Trata de todos os serviços de restauro capoto, pladur, pintura, coberturas, assentamento de ladrilho e arte de pedreiro.